Welcome to ‘THE VAULT”!  This special addition to the  CHARTREUSE site is in high demand.  I’m used to decorators and designers and store owners being interested in what I have in my studio……what I’m working on…..what my uncovered treasures are, etc.  I HAD NO IDEA that so many clients and walk-in customers would be so intrigued and inquisitive about my studio.  I love it though!

I’ve always been a little private with my behind-the-scenes work.  I didn’t want people to see the raw or scary pieces before I had a chance to fix them.  I knew that everyone enjoyed the “before” shots after the items were finished…..but  who knew that a good portion of my sales my first week open…… would be items in “THE VAULT”.

I will be posting items regularly on this page so you can see the every-changing inventory.  Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, make suggestion and of course….purchase first!


Thank you so much, Cindy