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Virginia Beach's Best in Local Artisans!
Virginia Beach’s Best in Local Artisans!

XO Gallery

Luxe Jewelry by XO Gallery
Luxe Jewelry by XO Gallery


CHARTREUSE has been officially open since July of 2011.  I, however, have been doing “this” forever!  The changes that have taken place over these past few months have all been positive and fulfilling.  I thank God throughout the day…. each and every day!

I’ve been blessed with vision, creativity and many other artistic abilities.  I used to be afraid or embarrassed to say that.  It could easily be taken as arrogant or I could be judged by others.  And then it occurred to me……. “who cares”! There’s always going to be a  few competitors that think they’re better and or they can do it better or try to do what I do better (isn’t copying a form of flattery?)…….   Which by the way, I’m not flattered!  It’s quite annoying to say the least!  (get your own gig)

I am always inspired by other vendors, artist and other creative people…….. BUT I know in my heart that I create from my heart! So with that said………. and knowing what I’m about to announce will be met with the possibility of competitive BS…… here it goes!

It’s time to take the next step!  My staff, my team and I are growing.  We now have the ability to do a lot of the things I’ve dreamed about for CHARTREUSE.  We’ve been so fortunate to have such a great community response.  We’ve been able to not only sell some pretty cool pieces, but I’ve been commissioned to do a ton of custom work…. along with the artists I represent.  However….. there’s been a missing link…… until now! (actually there are a few missing links that I’m working on…… day at a time……)

(drum roll)………………… WE NOW HAVE AN “IN HOUSE” UPHOLSTERER!!!!!!!  FINALLY!  I’ve been searching for months and my dreams for CHARTREUSE are slowly coming true!

I dream about everything in the name of design.  My obsessions keep me awake at night and make me hit the floor running in the morning.  I have been designing upholstered pieces……… along with everything else….. for what seems a lifetime.  I have so many unique ideas…. ( but I’m not an upholsterer)…… and mixed with the ideas of this “person” and her talents…. WE ARE GONNA BRING IT!  She’s not good though……….. she’s awesome!  This goes directly back to my earlier article where I talk about surrounding yourself with other people who can help get it done.  You can’t do it all………… even though you think or dream you can!

We will not only be able to custom create and personalize your pieces that need re-upholstering………. but we are currently working on some killer pieces that you will not find anywhere else!  (so exciting)

Stay in touch, because this is only the beginning of many more exciting services to be available exclusively at CHARTREUSE!



Simply Stunning

Another beautiful masterpiece......

Wave of Light

This is a chandelier even a "man" would love!

Love….. Reclaimed!

Hand Made Sign From Reclaimed Wood

Luxurious Art!

Luxury Vintage & Modern Textiles by Jereme Seams

This graphic artist has hit the mark…..combining vintage and modern textiles to make luxurious pillows!  Art is where the home is and Chartreuse is where to find it!  Discover more of Jereme Seams’ designs here and on facebook! Love! Love! Love!

Welcome to the Beach

Beach Chick Art

Good Morning Virginia Beach!

Please stop by and say hi and take a look around the shoppe.  Today is one week since CHARTREUSE opened the doors for a soft opening.  It’s been an awesome week of casual shoppers (who thank God bought!) and many friends and family dropping by to support this effort.

I’ve had the honor to make even more connections with some new artist who will be featured here at CHARTREUSE. Oh, and I met my new neighbors on VB Blvd., Amy and Jeff, who just opened their new thrift store.  It’s located next door to the old Regal Beagle and across from the hardware store.  They also have antiques and clothing and chotchky!

So many plans in the works for upcoming parties, art classes and show cases for local talent.  Keep in touch and thank you so much! Cindy

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