I was just reading my old blogs from my Beach Chick Art page….. I then looked at my first blog, dated June 2011, “About Chartreuse”….. this was before the doors opened and I was itching to make my way…

My vision has pretty much stayed the same…. although I have not been able to get all my goals and dreams off the ground…. yet!  (Of course I’m never going to stop dreaming….. so go figure) Which brings me to CHARTREUSE’S next chapter……  CLOTHING and JEWELRY!

Not just any clothing and jewelry…..  as I wrote in my very first blog….. LOCAL DESIGNERS!  I am now working on a boutique style area inside CHARTREUSE where I will be selling and showcasing clothing and jewelry designs from the UP AND COMING!

SO STAY TUNED…….. and keep an eye out for my CASTING CALL….