Hepplewhite Sofa in need of love!

Another beautiful find!  Most people would pass this right by without noticing it…. or they might laugh and think, “why”?

I, on the other hand…. fell in love!  This is a seriously, sexy Hepplewhite sofa!  The bones are in perfect condition and the potential is endless!  I have a few ideas of what I’d like to do to it.  I’ve had suggestions of white on white and that is where my dreamy thoughts tend to go…. but I think it needs to be modernized a bit, making it a little more friendly in a few different design settings.  French Country would be the obvious…. but Bohemian Chic or Rock-n-Roll Glam……

Either way, it’s going to be fabulous!  I’ve already had some interest on our facebook page (where you can see more finds on this trip) and this will probably end up being a custom job!

I’ve had so much fun on this treasure hunt and can’t wait to get back and reveal all the finds!  Also, the new Wilmington, NC location is coming together as well.  If you live in that area, check out the sale album on our facebook page and see some beautiful antiques that are marked 50% off right now in order for us to clear it all out to renovate.