How much $$$ do you spend online?

90% of my friends own their own business.  Doctors, Lawyers, Contractors, Retail, Restaurateurs, etc.  We discuss our businesses all the time.  We support one another and we share the same concerns.  THE ONE THING we have all experienced over the past few years is a “trend” of local support.  It comes and goes in waves.  Everyone likes to say they shop local and they want to support Ma – Pa business, along with young entrepreneurs who take huge risks to live “the dream”.  But the fact is… billions of dollars were spent this year shopping online.  And that money did NOT SUPPORT this community!

When a business shuts down or closes due to lack of business… people love to say things like “what a shame” or “too bad they didn’t have what it takes”, etc.  THE FACT IS…. IF EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY SHOPPED LESS ONLINE AND INVESTED THEIR MONEY BACK INTO THE COMMUNITY…. over 95% OF SMALL BUSINESSES WOULD SUCCEED!  ALL utilities, taxes, rent and insurance cost small business owners more  than average.  Usually double.  LACK of local support… YEAR ROUND…  NOT JUST HOLIDAYS…. NOT JUST “SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY” and the other trendy, “make you feel all fuzzy” days that are all over social media… But small business owners and artisans are at work daily… after hours!!!  We would rather work 80 HOURS DOING WHAT WE LOVE… than work 40 hours for someone else doing what they love!  AND WE DO IT FOR YOU AS WELL… we want to share our talents and we want you LOVE US as much as we LOVE OUR COMMUNITY!

Those of us who have started First Friday ViBe and are working diligently to bring Virginia Beach’s very own Art’s District are thankful for the supporters that come out every month… warm, cold, rainy….  WE LOVE YOU! WE APPRECIATE YOU!  And we would love to see you more!

JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW… in ViBe District…. There are several restaurants, retail shoppes, artist studios, custom building businesses, coffee shoppes, a florist, fabrics, interior designers, architects, an ad agency… and the list goes on!  Everyone is excited for the growth and the energy here in The ViBe… SO PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WE ARE HERE…. YEAR ROUND…. and we PROMISE TO CONTINUE to surprise you and deliver AWESOME SERVICE with original and AMAZING PRODUCTS!

Celebrating Another Milestone!

One Year in New Location!
One Year in New Location!


Think you've got what it takes?
Think you’ve got what it takes?


CHARTREUSE IS LOOKING FOR LOCAL GRAFFITI ARTIST….  We have something pretty awesome we want to do and we are looking for the right fit……  Please submit your work to

Designer Home

We have you covered.... from floor to ceiling!
We have you covered…. from floor to ceiling!

Local Couture!

Virginia Beach's Best in Local Artisans!
Virginia Beach’s Best in Local Artisans!

St. Patty’s Day Sale!

All "green" furniture and accessories are 20% off today!


No matter how you spell it....

Spring is in the air…..  The whites and grays of Winter are stepping aside for FRESH and VIBRANT COLORS!  They are back!

As most of you, I’m inspired by the weather, my mood, trends, other artists, etc.  But most of us get our inspiration from popular magazines.  It’s all about what’s in NOW!  Fortunately, I’m in total agreement with most of the designers out there and the contemporary vibe of color and it’s big comeback!  I love color!  I’m known for color and as much as I love white on white on white………  I LOVE COLOR!

Clients come in weekly with their mags and wish lists and new ideas they’ve seen.  I love it!  I spend a small fortune myself on mags and couldn’t live without them.  I need visual stimulation at all times!  Seriously!

I have a pretty creative mind and I’ve been blessed with vision.  I design, I build, I create.  I see things in my dreams and I literally wake up and sketch.  But for most people they have a hard time with this.  They know what they like when they see it, but have a hard time organizing there thoughts and making a room complete from scratch.  That’s where designers, magazines, books and shopping comes in!

So……. Don’t be afraid of COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!  There are many ways to bring it into your existing rooms…..  NOW….. without a lifetime commitment! You can make a start with art, pillows and small occasional pieces like tables or a chair.  JUST DO IT! AND LET US HELP!

Stay connected and see the new items brought back from this weeks trip and other local artists…..  Photos should be posted on our facebook page soon!

Thanks and keep the feedback coming in!  We love hearing from you…… it’s what we do!  Cindy

Exotic Color!

We don't just do "white"!

This is one of my most favorite pieces I’ve done.  Check out the detail on the legs and surface of the table….. fun…. different…..


Vintage Tole Chandelier with Tulips

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