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I truly fell in love with this piece when I saw it!  I thought it was beautiful the way it was and I left it in the studio for a few weeks hoping someone would take it home.  Throughout that short period of time I imagined it painted and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Almost instantly after the work began people started taking notice.  It could also be that it was right in front of the studio and everyone could now see it with the bay door open. (planned of course!)  Anyway, I decided to put French chartreuse on the inside and built a couple of removable shelves.  It sold before it made it into the shoppe to someone that loved it as much as me.  It’s great when that happens!  That;s actually the whole premise of the studio.

Make sure you check out the ‘Before and After” album on our facebook page and see the before and the inside!

Heavy Metal Rocks!

Fabulous re-purposing with antique ceiling tiles!

Music To My Eyes!

For the taking!

On the road again!  Loving it of course….. but working my hiney off!

I’m in Wilmington, NC again this week working like crazy on the new location.  I’m exhausted, yet exhilarated! The days have been long and productive!  On the way down I decided to turn a 5 hour trip into a 9 hour excursion by taking the back roads and not hitting interstate until necessary.  Didn’t find many new pieces on the way down but managed to meet some really nice people and see some of the beautiful South I’d not witnessed before.

My second day produced several primitives (that I still haven’t picked up yet)……..and this…. once in a lifetime find above!  UUUUUmazing!

Check out our facebook page to see the other European finds I’ll be bringing back later this week!


This is the "Before" shot of the chairs.....

And Ta-Da!

These chairs had such potential and Beth Turner Herochik of Winter Bird Interiors in Richmond, who bought these chairs from Chartreuse, saw and conquered!  So the next time you see us post some chairs that seem a little crazy…. just remember the possibilities are endless!  We now offer in house upholstery!


CHARTREUSE has been officially open since July of 2011.  I, however, have been doing “this” forever!  The changes that have taken place over these past few months have all been positive and fulfilling.  I thank God throughout the day…. each and every day!

I’ve been blessed with vision, creativity and many other artistic abilities.  I used to be afraid or embarrassed to say that.  It could easily be taken as arrogant or I could be judged by others.  And then it occurred to me……. “who cares”! There’s always going to be a  few competitors that think they’re better and or they can do it better or try to do what I do better (isn’t copying a form of flattery?)…….   Which by the way, I’m not flattered!  It’s quite annoying to say the least!  (get your own gig)

I am always inspired by other vendors, artist and other creative people…….. BUT I know in my heart that I create from my heart! So with that said………. and knowing what I’m about to announce will be met with the possibility of competitive BS…… here it goes!

It’s time to take the next step!  My staff, my team and I are growing.  We now have the ability to do a lot of the things I’ve dreamed about for CHARTREUSE.  We’ve been so fortunate to have such a great community response.  We’ve been able to not only sell some pretty cool pieces, but I’ve been commissioned to do a ton of custom work…. along with the artists I represent.  However….. there’s been a missing link…… until now! (actually there are a few missing links that I’m working on…… day at a time……)

(drum roll)………………… WE NOW HAVE AN “IN HOUSE” UPHOLSTERER!!!!!!!  FINALLY!  I’ve been searching for months and my dreams for CHARTREUSE are slowly coming true!

I dream about everything in the name of design.  My obsessions keep me awake at night and make me hit the floor running in the morning.  I have been designing upholstered pieces……… along with everything else….. for what seems a lifetime.  I have so many unique ideas…. ( but I’m not an upholsterer)…… and mixed with the ideas of this “person” and her talents…. WE ARE GONNA BRING IT!  She’s not good though……….. she’s awesome!  This goes directly back to my earlier article where I talk about surrounding yourself with other people who can help get it done.  You can’t do it all………… even though you think or dream you can!

We will not only be able to custom create and personalize your pieces that need re-upholstering………. but we are currently working on some killer pieces that you will not find anywhere else!  (so exciting)

Stay in touch, because this is only the beginning of many more exciting services to be available exclusively at CHARTREUSE!



Mirror, Mirror!

To die for............

This is the most beautiful Mirror / Dressing Screen with carved lion feet and a perfectly patina’d mirror.  The screen has double hinges and can be displayed 3 different ways.  The artist who gave this piece new life has added the harlequin design on the front and French poetry adorns the back.  The mirror also has a  unique damask design within the glass! Yum!

Serious Potential!

Hepplewhite Sofa in need of love!

Another beautiful find!  Most people would pass this right by without noticing it…. or they might laugh and think, “why”?

I, on the other hand…. fell in love!  This is a seriously, sexy Hepplewhite sofa!  The bones are in perfect condition and the potential is endless!  I have a few ideas of what I’d like to do to it.  I’ve had suggestions of white on white and that is where my dreamy thoughts tend to go…. but I think it needs to be modernized a bit, making it a little more friendly in a few different design settings.  French Country would be the obvious…. but Bohemian Chic or Rock-n-Roll Glam……

Either way, it’s going to be fabulous!  I’ve already had some interest on our facebook page (where you can see more finds on this trip) and this will probably end up being a custom job!

I’ve had so much fun on this treasure hunt and can’t wait to get back and reveal all the finds!  Also, the new Wilmington, NC location is coming together as well.  If you live in that area, check out the sale album on our facebook page and see some beautiful antiques that are marked 50% off right now in order for us to clear it all out to renovate.

Look what I found!

These are just a couple of my finds on this trip!

I about died when I saw these chairs!  My mama is actually the one who found them first and wow!  The definitely need to be recovered although we haven’t tried to clean them yet.  Can you imagine these painted, distressed and recovered in a luxe heavy linen?  Shut up!

Check out our facebook page later today and see a new album filled with items I’ve found and items that are seriously marked down in the Wilmington location.  It’s your chance to get first dibs!

As French As It Gets!

Seriously French Chandelier.... all original!

I almost passed out when I saw this chandelier.  I know it’s not for everyone….but… for those of you who appreciate this lost style of craftsmanship…. hand made pieces that are in original condition and one of a kind like this…are RARE!

It’s amazing…. it’s tacky….. it’s perfect!  And most importantly…. it works!  It’s made by hand…. gilded metal…. gold leafing….. two cherubs and tons of perfectly crafted roses that are faintly colored in pinks, blues and white.  AND it has the original ceiling medallion!

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