So, you know the old saying, “be careful what you wish for”?  Well, I’m glad I wasn’t careful…. I’m glad I wasn’t cautious….. I’m glad I didn’t listen to the “get-a-real-jobbers”!

WE ALL HAVE DREAMS!  Some of us talk about them…. some of us think about them …. and some of us have temporarily put them in the back of our minds because we have bought into the lie that we’re not being “realistic”.

For most of my life I’ve been the kind of person that signed up for events that sounded cool without really knowing what I was getting into; the kind of person who didn’t read instructions; the kind of person who jumped in the pool without checking the depth!  I even signed up for a half marathon….. having never run or trained for that type of thing.  I figured since I used to play sports (many years ago) how hard could it be?  Well, it was hard.  But I did it.  I finished and I have the medal to prove it.  Not to mention the ugly photo of me crossing the finish line.  And, for this very crazy behavior I’ve been called careless, irresponsible and even childish.  Mind you….. I’ve made good grades and held great jobs and owned other businesses… that were successful….. and were opened debt free without grants or loans!

On the flip side…. I have had failures like everyone else and have had to deal with illness, death, financial difficulties, etc.  BUT… even during the really ugly and dark moments of my life I managed to still have my dream.  When I would pull it out of box and get rejuvenated and share my wishes (depending on who was around at the time) I would be encouraged by my Mother and GOOD friends….but would also be discouraged and even made to feel silly by others.

So without giving you my entire life story, I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU THIS…..

Our dreams are not just mere thoughts to be set aside for when we’re alone and bored with our lives.  They’re not just mental escapes from a life that we’ve settled for because of our circumstances.  Our dreams are placed in our hearts by God and the only person keeping us from making our dreams a reality is us.  Our dreams may change…what we think is our dream today can grow into a whole other direction tomorrow…..but it’s still our dream!

Study…..research…..investigate…….pray….. and for the love of God DO NOT CONTINUE TO SHARE YOUR DREAMS WITH NEGATIVE, NON-SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE!  Surround yourself with knowledgeable, encouraging and successful people who are not interested in keeping you from getting yours.  Successful and confident people are not threatened by the success of others….. they are fueled by it! And then…..when the time is right (usually sooner than later) TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH AND JUMP! I did it ….. and HOLY COW …… what I’m living is far more than I dreamed!  I am so thankful that I finally did it!  IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!  And now I just need to make sure to not catch the disease of complacency…..  Our future should always be bigger than our past or even our present….. even when our present is good.  That’s not to say we shouldn’t stop and take time to bask and enjoy….we should….. for a while….and as our dreams grow and change….so should we.     Cindy