Rustic Revival

This look is hotter than ever….. you can get it at Chartreuse!

In every mag and new design book on the stands you’re sure to find cowhide rugs along with antlers.  It’s hot; it’s in; it’s classic enough for any style room.

If you’re worried that it’s a little too trendy….. don’t….. When the mags are tired of publishing this “now” item you can rest assured knowing these rugs line the floors of many famous homes and have for years…. never going out of style!  (ps…. this one still has the branding mark of the rancher!)

Be sure to click “shop online now” button at the top of our home page and see this and many more items available at Chartreuse!

French Industrial Chandelier

Photo does not do justice….

This chandelier was once a typical… shiny….. brass piece that’s been seen in every hotel, house and restaurant across the Country!  Yes…. it’s true.

Many up-cyclers have been spray painting these for years….. re-inventing there look and of course…. improving it.  I myself have used every possible spray paint color on them!

But this….. this is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s my new obsession this week!  I feel like I’ve finally mastered this galvanized look!  Yaaa me!  And mixed with the French crystals…….. it’s a perfect fit for that French Industrial look.

I promise to take a better photo once this one is installed.  The room it’s going in is flooded with natural light and I’m sure will make a much prettier setting.  Then you should be able to see the different layers and textures.

Shop Online Now!

“Shop Online Now” button at the top of the page!

Along with the many things I’ve been working on…… I’m happy to say that finally….. after numerous requests and many long hours….. our online catalogue is up and running!

First Look… Second Location!

Here’s a sneak peak of Chartreuse…. Wilmington!

It’s almost midnight….. very long few days…. months!  This is the eve of Chartreuse’s opening in Wilmington, NC!  Appropriately…. It’s also my Mother’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mama!  I love you!

Family Dinner

Farm style dining!

These high back benches look great with a farm table, in an entry way, on your front porch, in a mud room……

Make sure to check out our facebook page and see all the new items from this weekend’s barn sale and auction!  There are so many new items photos will be added daily.

Family Crest


I truly fell in love with this piece when I saw it!  I thought it was beautiful the way it was and I left it in the studio for a few weeks hoping someone would take it home.  Throughout that short period of time I imagined it painted and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Almost instantly after the work began people started taking notice.  It could also be that it was right in front of the studio and everyone could now see it with the bay door open. (planned of course!)  Anyway, I decided to put French chartreuse on the inside and built a couple of removable shelves.  It sold before it made it into the shoppe to someone that loved it as much as me.  It’s great when that happens!  That;s actually the whole premise of the studio.

Make sure you check out the ‘Before and After” album on our facebook page and see the before and the inside!

What a week!

One of the dozens of treasures from this weeks hunt!

I should be sleeping and here I am blogging about the crazy wonderful week I’ve had.  I’m yawning so hard that my eyes are watering…. and still… here I am blogging! LOL

Anyway… the week started off like any other and by Tuesday afternoon my store went from decently stocked to 1/3 gone!  I was so excited and felt so blessed and then I panicked!  I immediately called in backup and planned a Wednesday of shopping in between Gabby’s softball tournament and some much needed family time.  I was feeling pretty good about the truck full of accessories and a little nervous about the 1 piece of furniture I had found. (I posted a photo of the days lute on fb btw)  I was even more nervous when I called to check in with my girls to find out the entire white room had been emptied along with many other pieces!  YES!  How awesome!   OMGosh…. what am I going to do?

Thursday…. Important meetings all day.  I had a small window of 2 hours and knew I needed to find some furniture.  I quickly remembered  some old “go to” spots and hit the jackpot filling the truck with several occasional tables and an amazing French chair… along with some frames!  Yaaaaa  Got back to the meeting just in time…. finished up around 4:30ish… called the shoppe to check in….. ANOTHER GREAT BUSY DAY!  OMGosh!

Friday…. back at it super early and then back to spend some time in the studio with my girls in order to get some custom orders finished!  ANOTHER SUPER BUSY DAY!  THANK YOU GOD!  OH… AND GOD, I NEED SOME MORE FURNITURE PLEASE. AMEN!

Saturday….. started at 7:30 am and ended 12 hours later!  Super fun with one of my sidekick besties who’s nickname is now “Scout” because she knows how crazy busy I am and she’s been using her amazing eye to scout out great things for me in her spare time between her 4 kids, wonderful hubby and volunteering all over the place! (By the way…. if you’re the kinda chick who likes to keep it moving and thinks a “done” to-do-list is boring and lame…. and you are constantly adding things to the list as you check others off…  make sure to keep the same kind of company and friends)

Saturdays list of amazing finds that I can not wait to photograph and post!!!!!!……………  The amazing antique barn cupola pictured above, ornate Thomasville scrolly table, large antique split reed basket, small painted server (which I have a waiting list for these), several lamps, large oval gold mirror, tons of really old blue canning jars with zinc lids, a mahogany chest of drawers, Asian sofa table, oak frames and mirrors, mahogany oriental hall table, 2 Gothic dining arm chairs, Oak marble topped wash stand, carved walnut footed chest that is huge, antique toy schooner, Chippendale childs chair, a sick disco ball… YES.. I SAID DISCO BALL!  One of the very first ever made with an ornate covered motor… that still works!, 2 upholstered chairs, another super long Asian hall table, a Victorian settee, A FRENCH DESK THAT IS CASTLE WORTHY, hand carved French bed bench that is signed and newly reupholstered, a huge banquet table that will be my new desk in my office and some more smalls that Iv’e forgotten…. OMGOSH…. AND 2 AMAZING RELIGIOUS DIORAMAS!!!!!!!       sigh…… good night and see ya soon! xo

ps…. Thank you troops present and past.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend!


I need to make room for all the new pieces!

It’s been a very busy Spring… and we’ve moved a lot of inventory as usual!  BUT… for those of you who know me or keep up with Chartreuse on fb….. you know I can’t have things sitting around for long…

SO WE’RE HAVING A HUGE SALE!!!!!!!!!  I have furniture that is in storage and in several different places down the coast that I have to make room for….  Tune in to our facebook page and see the savings later this evening.  I’m re-arranging and marking stuff down!  I will title the album “May Sale”.  BTW…. this dining set will be part of the sale!

Perfect Saturday…

Here’s today’s loot….

Today started out early as usual.  One of my dearest friends had suggested this nice neighborhood community yard sale….   We meet…. we go…. we get disappointed…..  It’s amazing how someone can live in a million dollar house and have crap! LOL!  I’m serious…..  If you can’t afford to have nice things in the house of your dreams (or the house that will impress people)…. and you’re filling it with particle board furniture and ugly silk flower arrangements…. I mean really.  Really?

So…. we get off the beaten path and decide to take a spontaneous road trip.  No food, no map, no worries.  Full tank of gas…..beautiful day….. empty truck and 2 eager women with cash in their pockets!  Perfect ingredients for an early Mother’s Day present to ourselves.

Look at the loot we found when we broke away from the herd and went off on an adventure……..  I love days like this!  We met some amazing people, we laughed, we hunted and we conquered!


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