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Along with the many things I’ve been working on…… I’m happy to say that finally….. after numerous requests and many long hours….. our online catalogue is up and running!

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I love this piece!  This is what happens when I have “alone” time in my studio!

I’m now taking orders for these displays…. each hand made with reclaimed wood….. one of a kind!  Perfect for your home or in your shoppe!  $125 each

Perfect Saturday…

Here’s today’s loot….

Today started out early as usual.  One of my dearest friends had suggested this nice neighborhood community yard sale….   We meet…. we go…. we get disappointed…..  It’s amazing how someone can live in a million dollar house and have crap! LOL!  I’m serious…..  If you can’t afford to have nice things in the house of your dreams (or the house that will impress people)…. and you’re filling it with particle board furniture and ugly silk flower arrangements…. I mean really.  Really?

So…. we get off the beaten path and decide to take a spontaneous road trip.  No food, no map, no worries.  Full tank of gas…..beautiful day….. empty truck and 2 eager women with cash in their pockets!  Perfect ingredients for an early Mother’s Day present to ourselves.

Look at the loot we found when we broke away from the herd and went off on an adventure……..  I love days like this!  We met some amazing people, we laughed, we hunted and we conquered!



Check out our facebook page and see all the great finds from this weeks hunt!

Flock of Seagulls!

Mid Century Welding Art

Check out this amazing, Mid Century piece of art!  It’s all original and made from pieces of welded steel.


Antique, perfectly patina'd church pew!

This is old church pew is perfect for seating at a table, on your porch, entry way, etc.  I love it!  I just scored this way out in the country and it won’t last long!  Check out our “in house” album on facebook for more photos of this week’s finds!

Show and Tell!

A sneak peek of pieces from my trip!

We are wiped out from unloading the trucks and trying to get Chartreuse back in order!  Here are a few things that I had not posted on facebook until now.  This photo was taken from my phone and isn’t the greatest (I promise to take another on).

These doors….. amazing!  Fish baskets…… a must!  And this primitive bench with storage…. forget about it!

Keep watching here and on fb to see the other pieces I brought back from the trip…. or stop by.  CHARTREUSE is officially back on schedule!

Serious Potential!

Hepplewhite Sofa in need of love!

Another beautiful find!  Most people would pass this right by without noticing it…. or they might laugh and think, “why”?

I, on the other hand…. fell in love!  This is a seriously, sexy Hepplewhite sofa!  The bones are in perfect condition and the potential is endless!  I have a few ideas of what I’d like to do to it.  I’ve had suggestions of white on white and that is where my dreamy thoughts tend to go…. but I think it needs to be modernized a bit, making it a little more friendly in a few different design settings.  French Country would be the obvious…. but Bohemian Chic or Rock-n-Roll Glam……

Either way, it’s going to be fabulous!  I’ve already had some interest on our facebook page (where you can see more finds on this trip) and this will probably end up being a custom job!

I’ve had so much fun on this treasure hunt and can’t wait to get back and reveal all the finds!  Also, the new Wilmington, NC location is coming together as well.  If you live in that area, check out the sale album on our facebook page and see some beautiful antiques that are marked 50% off right now in order for us to clear it all out to renovate.

Look what I found!

These are just a couple of my finds on this trip!

I about died when I saw these chairs!  My mama is actually the one who found them first and wow!  The definitely need to be recovered although we haven’t tried to clean them yet.  Can you imagine these painted, distressed and recovered in a luxe heavy linen?  Shut up!

Check out our facebook page later today and see a new album filled with items I’ve found and items that are seriously marked down in the Wilmington location.  It’s your chance to get first dibs!

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