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Island Dreams!

This custom piece can be found only at CHARTREUSE!
This custom piece can be found only at CHARTREUSE!

We dream it….. we build it!  You dream it….. we build it!

This awesome piece was built by Gary Rafter and made entirely from reclaimed pieces of local history.  Each leg was created from 4 different porch posts from 4 different homes in Ghent.  The top was made from the ceiling boards from a house in Shadow Lawn and the skirt and shelf were made from an old bard in Pungo!

We are not limited by what you see in our showrooms….. so keep that in mind when you stop by or simply looking at this site or glancing at all the albums we have on our facebook page.

BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENES AT BOTH LOCATIONS!  Can’t wait to share all the exciting creations that are soon to come!

I’ve been framed!

Check out these frames and more on our facebook page!
Check out these frames and more on our facebook page!

Tis the Season!

It’s in the air…. Can you feel it?

French Industrial Chandelier

Photo does not do justice….

This chandelier was once a typical… shiny….. brass piece that’s been seen in every hotel, house and restaurant across the Country!  Yes…. it’s true.

Many up-cyclers have been spray painting these for years….. re-inventing there look and of course…. improving it.  I myself have used every possible spray paint color on them!

But this….. this is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s my new obsession this week!  I feel like I’ve finally mastered this galvanized look!  Yaaa me!  And mixed with the French crystals…….. it’s a perfect fit for that French Industrial look.

I promise to take a better photo once this one is installed.  The room it’s going in is flooded with natural light and I’m sure will make a much prettier setting.  Then you should be able to see the different layers and textures.

Hands On!

Place your orders now….. check out more on our fb page!

I love this piece!  This is what happens when I have “alone” time in my studio!

I’m now taking orders for these displays…. each hand made with reclaimed wood….. one of a kind!  Perfect for your home or in your shoppe!  $125 each


This is the "Before" shot of the chairs.....

And Ta-Da!

These chairs had such potential and Beth Turner Herochik of Winter Bird Interiors in Richmond, who bought these chairs from Chartreuse, saw and conquered!  So the next time you see us post some chairs that seem a little crazy…. just remember the possibilities are endless!  We now offer in house upholstery!

Creative Space

Creative Work Space!

I love mixing pieces like this.  The top is a really old, hand made hutch.  The bottom is an antique farm table made from old bead board.  Both are about 100 years old; made by different people; from different parts of the country….. now working beautifully together.

I think it’s important for your work space to be inspirational and fun.  A place were you can sit and enjoy being there.

This set up would also be a great alternative to a traditional hutch with china or collections of mixed pottery on display.  It could be a great vanity or powder room piece with towels and such too!


Painted tool box with old bottles and flowers!

We’re Spring cleaning and getting ready for the new items that I just don’t have room for.  So….. that means SALE!  This week take 30% to 50% off select furniture pieces.

Love….. Reclaimed!

Hand Made Sign From Reclaimed Wood

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