About the Girl…


This business venture was built on the love and appreciation for all things created beautifully. The romantic wanderlust; that need to discover other artists… to uncover one more find that you dream about. It drives me. It gratifies me. I want to share it. I have to share it. It’s too good to keep to myself.

As the years have passed and I’ve found a way to design the life I want by never being defined by others; changing when I felt the need; and not being afraid to start over… trying new approaches and letting go of the old.  {I am kindly referred to as The Chanel Hippie by my two beautiful daughters, who’ve grown to expect the unexpected}

Here’s to once again re-defining myself and living the life I was created to live… filled with love and joy.

10 thoughts on “About the Girl…

  1. I would love to purchase the piece about knowing the sound of my heartbeat from the inside. Can you let me know what I need to do?

    • Hi Kristi! You may order the sign by phone. We are open Tuesday thru Saturday and the number is 757-422-1494. The price is $275 for the sign. If you are out of state there is no sales tax and the s/h charge is $35.00. You may have the word “love” in the color of your choice. The turn around time is approximately 2-4 weeks depending on our volume. (I actually hand paint each and every letter!)

      Thank you so much! Cindy

  2. Hey There,
    Ride by your place on Mediterranean all the time & just stumbled across this blog. Really related to the photo of the “morning saying” from the top strip as I walk over to see sunrise for my morning devotional every day (as well as putting some descriptions on FaceBook occasionally) !

    May have to stop by & check things out !

    Keep Up The Good Work ~ Couzin Ed

  3. Dear “i love chartreuse”,

    Would be please be able to tell me the sizes and prices of “May this Home be a Place of Happiness” and No One Else will ever Know”? They speak to my heart. I would love one or both in my home.

    Thank you,

    • Hi and thank you. The house blessing depends on the size you order….. 3ft by 4ft is what this one is and it’s $475. The baby love sign is $275 and is about 32″ by 17″. Each sign is made by hand with reclaimed or leftover wood and each letter is painted on individually! Orders take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. Please call us if you would like to place an order. Our number is 757-660-6864.

      Thank you again, Cindy

    • I do not have an official online store. I do however, sell to many people out of state and ship. What were you interested in? Also, if you look at our facebook page you’ll see more photos. Thank you so much!

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