Coastal Chic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even on the road I'm working!

To those of you who think this road trip is just bouncing from shoppe to shoppe and playing all day….. not so!  I’ve had to also stop and paint pieces on the days in between.  I’m not complaining…..

Anyway, I posted this piece as one of the new additions to the Wilmington, NC location and it’s gotten quite a bit of attention…..  I might be bringing it back.  I’ve also gone from bringing a trailer load back to renting a huge truck and trailering my truck back!  Not looking forward to that but it’s all for the cause! lol

I’ll be leaving and heading back tomorrow…. so check out all the photos that have been posted so far on facebook and let me know if I need to add yet another item! Also…. I have plenty of surprises up my sleeve!  I haven’t revealed all my found objects…..  See ya soon and thanks!  Don’t forget to check out my other NEW BLOG…. COASTAL CHIC INTERIORS!  It’s where I’m dividing my time now!

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