Screen my Dreams!

I dream it and then I get to build it!

I love to collect old architectural pieces …… I dream about them…..seriously!  Every time I pick up or find a new object, I lie awake thinking of what possibilities they possess.

I obsess about building and creating and re-inventing…… I get inspired….. I sketch… and then…… TA DA!  I get this great idea…… I go to my studio and…. I see all the orders that need to be filled….. the custom work that needs to be done…. blah, blah, blah!  Then I get frustrated…… and obsess even more… because I’m too busy to get the new idea out of my head and into my hands!

Mind you…. I do not mean to sound like I’m complaining….. I’m not!  I appreciate and live for the business that people bring me.  BUT, sometimes I gotta set it all aside a just DO IT!  So this week I did and here it is!

An antique, Victorian screen door and hooks from an old Ghent house…. some old boards from a barn in Pungo….. 2 old bed posts turned up-side-down…. along with some other parts I just had laying around….. topped off with a hand cut (by me) piece of wood! Oh, it’s a chalkboard too…. a hall tree….. a cute desk….. an entry piece….. whatever!

So here’s an example of one of the many things I dream about and you can buy it today at CHARTREUSE!

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