Big News!

So, you’ve all heard me talk about all the functions, classes, trunk shows, events, etc. that I plan to host at CHARTREUSE.  Well…..I can finally spill the beans….that have been cooking for a few months now!

The first major event will be held on December 15th, 2011.  That day we will have several vendors and artists in CHARTREUSE from 10 am to 5 pm.

The list of guests will include Sprout, who will be selling stocking stuffers and children’s gifts….. Forbes Candies, featuring their line of chocolates….. Beach Bucket Bakery, with her famous cookies…..  Flour Power Cupcakes, with her beautiful creations  ……..  These particular artisans have the perfect gift ideas for co-workers, teachers, and those skinny chicks who need to gain a few!

Also there will be a couple of jewelry artists….. with over the top to casual everyday pieces…… a couple of artists who make unique bags, scarfs and other accessories……

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS REALLY FUN!  As you girls come by and pick up gifts for others….. pick out a few pieces for YOURSELF…… BECAUSE…… we will be keeping a “LIST” …… and from 6 pm to 9 pm………………..  the doors will be open to MEN ONLY …..who need to buy gifts……gifts that YOU picked out!

So….. send your man and his friends to CHARTREUSE!  We will show them the list…..  we will serve them a beer and feed them….  they will buy what YOU WANT …..  and we will wrap it!  It’s a WIN WIN WIN situation!

It’s gonna be fun and it’s the kickoff of a new tradition at CHARTREUSE!  Cindy

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