Negative into a Positive!

So after spending the night getting ready for this crazy chick named Hurricane Irene….and after making piles….miles high….  After removing precious artwork and my tools…..(gotta have the tools)….  I realized that I had wanted to move some stuff around and needed to go ahead and start the improvements to the studio, office and Vault area!

So….as soon as this chick gets out of town….I’m making some changes!  And since we’re not going to be able to continue on with the sale…..I’l have another one next week!

I would like to say thank you to Lorraine and her husband and son who showed up to not only secure their items…..but to help me take care of other artists things!  Grace and her daughter also came by and offered help, Tim brought sand bags and Scott schlepped furniture with me while Kelsey ran around doing everything she could!

SO THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HELPED!  It’s no coincident that these people are in my life….it’s a blessing.

I GUESS I AM GOING TO ECSC TODAY…..for a minute or two…..before I evacuate!  This Irene chick has brought an abundance of sick waves for the surfers and I wanna watch!

Stay safe and I’ll see ya next week!  Thank you everyone!  Cindy

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