Getting closer!

So, as if I didn’t have enough to deal with trying to open a new business in the next week…… I started my day with a broken toe on my left foot and a broken metatarsal on the right!  Yep, I fell UP the stairs this morning at 6 something.  It hurt….I wanted to cry…..but…..I had too much to do to worry about a couple of broken bones!  Seriously!  So I managed to get city business, insurance, painters, laborers, etc. done.  I did limp everywhere I went today and I’m black and blue,,,,but I like both of those colors!  I don’t like the fact that I look like I have Michelin Man feet and even flip flops are too tight!  Hope the swelling goes down before opening day…..I need to look cute and flops and a cast won’t do!  To spite the broken bones it was a great day and I feel so blessed and excited!!!!!  Cindy

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