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Island Dreams!

This custom piece can be found only at CHARTREUSE!
This custom piece can be found only at CHARTREUSE!

We dream it….. we build it!  You dream it….. we build it!

This awesome piece was built by Gary Rafter and made entirely from reclaimed pieces of local history.  Each leg was created from 4 different porch posts from 4 different homes in Ghent.  The top was made from the ceiling boards from a house in Shadow Lawn and the skirt and shelf were made from an old bard in Pungo!

We are not limited by what you see in our showrooms….. so keep that in mind when you stop by or simply looking at this site or glancing at all the albums we have on our facebook page.

BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENES AT BOTH LOCATIONS!  Can’t wait to share all the exciting creations that are soon to come!

I’ve been framed!

Check out these frames and more on our facebook page!
Check out these frames and more on our facebook page!

Hands On!

Place your orders now….. check out more on our fb page!

I love this piece!  This is what happens when I have “alone” time in my studio!

I’m now taking orders for these displays…. each hand made with reclaimed wood….. one of a kind!  Perfect for your home or in your shoppe!  $125 each

I NEED TO CREATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out our facebook page for more!

God gave me these hands to create…… with all the time I’ve spent on the road and with all the craziness I allow myself to get caught up in….. I finally discovered the blessing that I knew would come from my broken foot this summer……

I’ve continued to work as if I didn’t have this stupid injury.  After a few weeks of pain and irritation, I finally gave in and decided that I had no choice…. I was now going to spend my evenings with my feet up (not the days that my physician recommended) and I was going to find myself again!

Every huge serving of business that is piled high on my full plate is courteous of yours truly! LOL  I did it to myself.  I’m OCD, yet unorganized; ahead, yet behind; tired, yet restless!  And then it occurred to me………  I haven’t spent much time in the studio on anything other than custom orders for months!

Creating is my first love!  It’s what makes me happy and it’s what I dream about.  However, I’ve had the worst artists’ block in my history………. Why?  Cause I’m too freakin busy!  So…..  after all the conversations with The Man and all the pondering I’ve done on my hiney, on my couch, with my dog (most evenings) ….. I decided that I am going to take time everyday in my studio to do something…. anything…..

I did it!  I made a set of 5 photo / note frames out of old barn wood and some vintage office stuff!  Not Noah’s Arc…..  but it’s something!  Maybe one day when I can hire enough elves to do the grunt work….. I can create all day!  Peace and Love!

Love….. Reclaimed!

Hand Made Sign From Reclaimed Wood

The Vault!

"THE VAULT" is Full of New Items .....

Taking Recycling To Another Level!

Reclaimed Wood on Walls!

I’m so excited about the new walls in the Vault.  This is what we did with the truck load of reclaimed wood.  So many new (old) pieces of furniture and art!

Welcome to the Beach

Beach Chick Art

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