You need to give back and pay it forward!
You need to give back and pay it forward!

As a business owner for over half my life, I’ve found myself reinventing, redirecting, learning to roll with the tide and lots of swimming against the current!

I continue to redesign my career in order to create the life I want to live. I’ve NEVER had a business partner or a loan or an investor. What I have had is a dream and I CREATED MY OWN path…. Equipped with the talent and tenacity that God blessed me with. Along the way I’ve had the honor to meet and work with some amazingly talented artists. Most of the artists whose work I’ve sold, have gone on to open their own businesses right here in The ViBe Creative District! THEY HAVEN’T SUCCEEDED BECAUSE OF ME… They’ve succeeded because they have vision and talent… BUT everyone starts somewhere.

PRESENTLY I’m working on the reaching the next level for Chartreuse… OPENING THE CREATIVE LAB (you can find this article at and FINDING NEW LOCAL TALENT.

I have a new POP UP opening mid October thru our busy holiday season and have 2 more spots available. I plan to offer POP UP SHOPS for 3 month time slots, year round…. Constantly changing.

I’m LOOKING for:

1. New local artists… Painters, jewelry designers, potters and furniture builders.

2. Artists who want to TEACH in the CREATIVE LAB. I will be teaching the furniture painting classes and I’m looking for others to teach painting. I have an entire list of DIFFERENT classes I want to offer such as fabric dying, mixed media, journal art for teens…. And the list goes on.

3. INTERNS who want fully accredited hours for Social Media, Art, Business, Design, and Graphics.

Please pass this along to anyone you know that might be interested. Please inquire by email to THANK YOU!


I NEED TO CREATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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God gave me these hands to create…… with all the time I’ve spent on the road and with all the craziness I allow myself to get caught up in….. I finally discovered the blessing that I knew would come from my broken foot this summer……

I’ve continued to work as if I didn’t have this stupid injury.  After a few weeks of pain and irritation, I finally gave in and decided that I had no choice…. I was now going to spend my evenings with my feet up (not the days that my physician recommended) and I was going to find myself again!

Every huge serving of business that is piled high on my full plate is courteous of yours truly! LOL  I did it to myself.  I’m OCD, yet unorganized; ahead, yet behind; tired, yet restless!  And then it occurred to me………  I haven’t spent much time in the studio on anything other than custom orders for months!

Creating is my first love!  It’s what makes me happy and it’s what I dream about.  However, I’ve had the worst artists’ block in my history………. Why?  Cause I’m too freakin busy!  So…..  after all the conversations with The Man and all the pondering I’ve done on my hiney, on my couch, with my dog (most evenings) ….. I decided that I am going to take time everyday in my studio to do something…. anything…..

I did it!  I made a set of 5 photo / note frames out of old barn wood and some vintage office stuff!  Not Noah’s Arc…..  but it’s something!  Maybe one day when I can hire enough elves to do the grunt work….. I can create all day!  Peace and Love!

Shell Shocked!

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Chartreuse has in so many new items from artist “Rusty Cricket” to a ton of found objects that are one of a kind and to die for!  Please go to our facebook albums on the Chartreuse page and see more!

I’ve added several chandeliers, garden furniture, dozens of pieces of art, stained glass windows from a church, some 200 year old beams from and old bar……. and the list keeps going!

Thanks so much, Cindy

Eastern Vintage

It’s Giveaway time with Sweet People Photography® | Chartreuse – Virginia Beach Home Furniture, Antiques and Vintage Finds

Happy Friday! Just want to keep you in the loop:

One of the artists I feature in the store is Elyse Cardon of Sweet People Photography®.  She is an award-winning professional photographer in our area and she has chosen to specialize exclusively in newborn, babies, children, maternity and family photography.  She also writes a really fun blog where she features sneak peeks for clients, and with a passion for writing and teaching, she opens up about many personal things as well.  This week, she has chosen CHARTREUSE to be featured on her blog.  (This will be the first in a series of posts featuring local businesses relating in some way to children).

It was so much fun answering her questions for the interview Q&A portion of the post. Click here to check it out, to learn even more about how CHARTREUSE began and about little ‘ole me :) .

The best part for you, is that I have donated one of my very popular signs (value $275) as the giveaway item to one lucky winner (chosen at random)!  It is absolutely perfect for a nursery, child’s room, hallway, or playroom (and I can alter the color of the LOVE, if needed).  I have many items that are unique for children’s rooms, so make sure when you come in to ask me about them!  It is so easy to enter the contest- so head over now! Contest to win the giveaway ends on Sunday July 31st, @5pm EST.

Organ Donor?


Secret Spot

Secret Spot for ...... Jewels....Cards....Frogs!

Seriously Sexy!


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