Leaps and Bounds!

Kid's area is growing daily!

The kid’s spot at CHARTREUSE is growing daily with new pieces of friendly furniture and inspirational art!  This is a peak of 1 of the 4 areas!  Stop by and see it for yourself and don’t forget about the 50% OFF SALE going on in the Vault and Studio!  I still have about 15 pieces of furniture marked down.

Popular Demand Baby!

The new expanded "Kid Spot"

Everyday I have moms passing through CHARTREUSE searching for something different for their child’s room.  They are sick and tired of the “barn” place and there’s really no where else around to buy quality wood furniture appropriate for children….. until NOW!

I’VE HEARD WHAT YOU HAD TO SAY and I’ve been working diligently for months…. creating a section in CHARTREUSE just for kids, babies and mommies!

I have a great selection of changing tables, dressers and chests, play tables, beds, etc.  And thanks to SPROUT, a children’s boutique, located on Laskin Road…. here in VB, I have a ton of these cute plush animals to accent this sweet new kids spot! You can stop by SPROUT to purchase the new sock monkeys that are the latest craze!

Secret Spot

Secret Spot for ...... Jewels....Cards....Frogs!

Good Morning Virginia Beach!

Please stop by and say hi and take a look around the shoppe.  Today is one week since CHARTREUSE opened the doors for a soft opening.  It’s been an awesome week of casual shoppers (who thank God bought!) and many friends and family dropping by to support this effort.

I’ve had the honor to make even more connections with some new artist who will be featured here at CHARTREUSE. Oh, and I met my new neighbors on VB Blvd., Amy and Jeff, who just opened their new thrift store.  It’s located next door to the old Regal Beagle and across from the hardware store.  They also have antiques and clothing and chotchky!

So many plans in the works for upcoming parties, art classes and show cases for local talent.  Keep in touch and thank you so much! Cindy


SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE OUR SOFT OPENING OF CHARTREUSE.  We will be open Saturday, July the 2nd, at 10 am to 5 pm; Sunday the 3rd from 10 am to 3 pm.  We are located at 1703 Mediterranean Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 and our number is 757-422-1494.  Please come by and check out the antiques, local art and interiors!

Old piece… life!

Old life!

Love the little ones!

A close friend of mine recently hired me to paint some furniture in her child’s room.  I did a cute whimsical floral thing in bright colors on a piece she already had.  It was a fun and easy way to revive furniture that needed a new life.

A lot of times parents go out and buy new furniture for their kids after they grow out of their crib set.  Or the youngest gets the hand-me-downs from the older siblings and they get new stuff.  Anyway, there’s not a great selection of children’s furniture out there.  Most of it is plastic coated particle board that’s made to look like wood. It’s not sturdy and there’s definitely no character in the piece.

So, think about it: kids are tough and they’re usually hard on furniture.  Why not use a solid wood piece you already have or buy an antique / vintage piece that’s not too expensive and have it painted?  Let your child have some input as well!  And if you go shabby or distressed that makes it even easier to keep their furniture looking fresh because the dings and scratches will add to the patina!  Cindy

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