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Enjoy 25% to 50% off Furniture, Lighting & Accessories.  Tuesday and Wednesday, December 29th & 30th from 12 – 7.   Saturday, January 2 from 10 – 5

Island Dreams!

This custom piece can be found only at CHARTREUSE!
This custom piece can be found only at CHARTREUSE!

We dream it….. we build it!  You dream it….. we build it!

This awesome piece was built by Gary Rafter and made entirely from reclaimed pieces of local history.  Each leg was created from 4 different porch posts from 4 different homes in Ghent.  The top was made from the ceiling boards from a house in Shadow Lawn and the skirt and shelf were made from an old bard in Pungo!

We are not limited by what you see in our showrooms….. so keep that in mind when you stop by or simply looking at this site or glancing at all the albums we have on our facebook page.

BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENES AT BOTH LOCATIONS!  Can’t wait to share all the exciting creations that are soon to come!


Check out our facebook page for details on our HUGE SALE!

I’m back in town and the felt the need to reorganize.  As I was cleaning out my studio, I came across a ton of things that I had forgotten about.  I also realized I miss being in my studio.  With the schedule I’ve had this summer, it’s been little to no time inventing, building or reclaiming!  And in order for that to happen…. I need to move some stuff out!

We have so many pieces marked way down in both the shoppe and the studio.  So come by and check it out.


Mix it up!

Photos of "in house" items in the mags!

We often have clients come in and see a piece they like…. but they’re not sure how or where to use it in their home.  The staff at Chartreuse is very helpful when it comes to these questions and I do a lot of consults in and out of the shoppe.  However, there are times when a client doesn’t speak up and ask the questions out loud.  So………  I’ve spent many hours going thru my mags, Pinterest, books, etc. and found tons of photos using the items we have “in house” here at Chartreuse.

Most everything we have in the shoppe is one-of-a-kind, so the photos are examples of similar pieces.  We also want our clients to use this board as inspiration for a custom piece they may want us to build.  And, don’t forget… you may have a piece at home that is similar……… and you’re tired of it….. so the board may give you an idea of how to make your old piece NEW!



Better photo of French Chandelier Sconces

I had to do a retake of this sconce.  I had taken a photo of the set and it was pretty bad!  So here is a better take on just how amazingly beautiful they are.  I’m also posting a couple of other photos on my facebook page of some new items just in this week.  One new piece is a Czech Republic high dresser / sideboard.  It’s made from reclaimed wood and was over $2000.  It’s at CHARTREUSE for $935 right now!


See close up of these sconces on our facebook page!

These are 2 of my favorite new pieces in this week.  They are two amazing antique, French, gold leaf, Czech crystal chandelier sconces!  I have a beautiful French table, French mirrored table, toile bench and so much more.  Check out facebook for more photos.

Neptune Festival Sale

One of the many new items in house!

In honor of King Neptune and the Festival, we’re having a HUGE SALE!  Friday and Saturday from 10 – 6 stop by and see us!

New Arrivals

I’m excited to now offer hand made items by Precious Gifts.  Gerry is a master seamstress and will be blessing us with her original designs that will include pillows (indoor / outdoor) and aprons made with Amy Butler fabrics.  There’s only one place in Virginia Beach to find these items and it’s here at CHARTREUSE!

Indoor / Outdoor Pillows

Getting closer!

So, as if I didn’t have enough to deal with trying to open a new business in the next week…… I started my day with a broken toe on my left foot and a broken metatarsal on the right!  Yep, I fell UP the stairs this morning at 6 something.  It hurt….I wanted to cry…..but…..I had too much to do to worry about a couple of broken bones!  Seriously!  So I managed to get city business, insurance, painters, laborers, etc. done.  I did limp everywhere I went today and I’m black and blue,,,,but I like both of those colors!  I don’t like the fact that I look like I have Michelin Man feet and even flip flops are too tight!  Hope the swelling goes down before opening day…..I need to look cute and flops and a cast won’t do!  To spite the broken bones it was a great day and I feel so blessed and excited!!!!!  Cindy

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