The Art of Gift Giving!

We all love getting the perfect gift!
We all love getting the perfect gift!

I’m still trying to hang on to what’s left of this Indian Summer…. So the last thing I want to think of is shopping for Christmas and Chanukah!  But I know that I hate to rush and I hate waiting til the last minute…. so it’s definitely time!

Over the last couple of weekends I’ve been renovating my home studio.  Along with many others, it’s a project I’ve wanted to do for quite sometime.  While making room for change (shifting “stuff” from one spot to another), I became a little frustrated and realized this is why my projects get put off!!!  WHERE DID ALL THIS STUFF COME FROM????  I’m OCD and I’m a minimalist…  I own a store so I don’t have the need to buy stuff for myself….    GIFTS!  Over half of what was taking up space was GIFTS from other people!

I have no problem getting rid of stuff.  I’m known for it.  Edie Mae (my mama) thinks that I’m missing some gene because of my detachment to things!!! Unfortunately, it sometimes hurts peoples feelings when they find out you aren’t using a gift they bought… or worse… you threw it out! SO…. I HAVE A THEORY and of course A SOLUTION!

IT’S MY UNDERSTANDING that GIFT GIVING is an ART.  I’m an ARTIST… so here it goes:

1.   DO NOT buy a gift just to buy a gift!  BY A GIFT THAT means something to that person.  Something they might buy for themselves.  Ask yourself a few questions before making the purchase….. Like, will this add value to his or her life or will it possibly be set aside or put on a shelf?  Would this person love to have this gift?

2.   Be creative in your gift giving!  Has this person been in there home for a long period of time?  Do they keep things nice and tidy?  Do they entertain? …. A bottle of wine with a beautiful hand written note goes a long way!  A good candle is also a gift that everyone loves and they will think of you every time they light it!

3.   Jewelry and accessories!  Who doesn’t appreciate these as a gift?  Unless of course it’s tacky and something they would never wear!  Be careful and thoughtful when buying a piece of jewelry, scarf, handbag or wallet.  Don’t be intimidated…. just think about that person and does it look like their style.  Simplicity is classic and never goes out of style!  Quality is key here!  And it’s another perfect opportunity to keep it local!  There are plenty of local artisans that create one of a kind items…. from every price point.  Buying an original gift… made local…. not in C#^n@…. says you care enough to take the time and that you support your community!

4.   Buying everyone on your list a “giftcard” from one of the big name companies is HORRIBLE!  Unless you are ill and have no other way to buy something for someone… it’s LAME!!!!   ON THE OTHER HAND…..  A gift card from a store you know they shop is a completely different thing!  Especially if you’re not sure what they’d like or need.  At least taking the time to think about where they might like to go says a lot!  If they’re a child…. a toy store!  A teen…. clothes!  A newly wed…. furniture or art!  Just take a few minutes and think about it!

5.   Something hand made from you is an awesome gift!  It also fits every budget and says you really care!  You don’t have to be an artist to make something… And I’m not talking about some crazy wreath with glued on pine cones!!!!  I’m also not talking about you learning how to knit a pair of socks… (although if you are good at that, it’s cool)!!!!  How about homemade sugar scrub or salt bath?  How about homemade lotions or tea?  Or maybe even some homemade cookies?  Hello?  Everyone loves all of these things!  They’re pampering, thoughtful and custom!

KEEP IT SIMPLE!  LIFE IS SHORT and WE SHOULD LIVE IT BEAUTIFULLY!  Stay tuned for more specific gift ideas in all these categories over the next week!

OUR 4th ANNUAL GIFT EVENT IS NOVEMBER 12, from 2 to 7…..  WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE THIS YEAR!  I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!  So EXCITED!!!!!

The Line Up!

Here's the amazing line up for this year's show!  It's going to be amazing!
Here’s the amazing line up for this year’s show! It’s going to be amazing!

CHARTREUSE’S 3rd Annual Holiday Show is Thursday, November 14th from 3pm to 8pm at our new location….. 1701 Baltic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA  23451.

Special surprise……  Phoenix Clothing of Richmond will have a pop up store inside Chartreuse for the holidays….   Don’t miss it!


It’s countdown time for the BIG EVENT….This Thursday, December 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a crazy prep for this event.  This HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE has grown into the most amazing lineup of POWERHOUSE WOMEN!  These ladies are not weekend crafters with a little talent and interest in “cute things”….. they’re not your “artsy fartsy” kind either.  (I hate that term by the way and it rips a hole in my very being when I get called that! grrr!)

This impressive lineup is a group of CREATIVE…… INNOVATIVE…… SUCCESSFUL…… HARD WORKING….. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.  They’re business minded….. they’re cutting edge…. and they are bringin’ it to CHARTREUSE!  SO HERE THEY ARE…….

Isabelle K with her stunning jewelry from Paris.

Natalie, owner of Sprout Children’s Boutique who will have the latest “must haves” in gifts, accessories, clothing and toys.

Elyse Cardon, the talent behind the camera of Sweet People Photography, showcasing her unique creativity and offering very special gift ideas.

Kelly Lambroff, creator of Beach Bucket Bakery, will have her famously delicious cookies in a variety of gift sizes.

Marion Lawton, grand daughter of the Forbes Candies founder, with “melt in your mouth” chocolates and candies.

Judy Culbreth with her hand made, one of a kind scarfs that are must in any girls wardrobe.

Pam Pearce with beautiful sterling silver jewelry for all ages.

Kristi Edwards with her hand made jewelry with a fresh vintage look.

Jen Callahan will have her colorful paintings and prints that capture beach life like no one you’ve ever seen.

Brandy, of Hip and Swanky with her luxurious linens and wreaths.

Ashton Keely, an amazing purse and jewelry designer with her one of a kind leather pieces that look like runway material.

Pam Kossman of Heartfull Designs with her stunning one of a kind, hand made jewelry pieces.

This is going to be one amazing day!  Don’t forget ladies….. come in and shop for yourself, your kids, their teachers, and everyone on your list…… and make sure to fill out a “wish list” ….. then send your man in that night to GET WHAT YOU WANT!

CHARTREUSE will have gift cards available as well…. so don’t forget to add that to your list!

Thursday, December 15th, 10 am to 5 pm for the girls and 6 pm to 9 pm for the boys!

You’re Invited!

Can't wait to see you there!

Beach Chic Primitives

So many new primitives.... plus GIFTS!

We’re getting new gift items in daily from the artists for the holidays!

Chartreuse is the new “Black”!

Stop by CHARTREUSE and buy a gift you can’t find at the mall!  We have so many one-of-a-kind items for kids and everyone else on your list….. you can definitely find something for yourself as well.

DON’T FORGET about our BIG EVENT on the 15th of DECEMBER!  We’ve added a few more BIG NAMES to the list of vendors that will be here too!  If you haven’t read about the event….check back on the “News” page!

So exciting!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Cindy


See more hand made signs on facebook!

I’ve been in the studio working hard to replenish the hand made signs that literally fly out of here (no pun intended)! So come by and get one for a gift or for yourself before they’re gone.

Big News!

So, you’ve all heard me talk about all the functions, classes, trunk shows, events, etc. that I plan to host at CHARTREUSE.  Well…..I can finally spill the beans….that have been cooking for a few months now!

The first major event will be held on December 15th, 2011.  That day we will have several vendors and artists in CHARTREUSE from 10 am to 5 pm.

The list of guests will include Sprout, who will be selling stocking stuffers and children’s gifts….. Forbes Candies, featuring their line of chocolates….. Beach Bucket Bakery, with her famous cookies…..  Flour Power Cupcakes, with her beautiful creations  ……..  These particular artisans have the perfect gift ideas for co-workers, teachers, and those skinny chicks who need to gain a few!

Also there will be a couple of jewelry artists….. with over the top to casual everyday pieces…… a couple of artists who make unique bags, scarfs and other accessories……

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS REALLY FUN!  As you girls come by and pick up gifts for others….. pick out a few pieces for YOURSELF…… BECAUSE…… we will be keeping a “LIST” …… and from 6 pm to 9 pm………………..  the doors will be open to MEN ONLY …..who need to buy gifts……gifts that YOU picked out!

So….. send your man and his friends to CHARTREUSE!  We will show them the list…..  we will serve them a beer and feed them….  they will buy what YOU WANT …..  and we will wrap it!  It’s a WIN WIN WIN situation!

It’s gonna be fun and it’s the kickoff of a new tradition at CHARTREUSE!  Cindy

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