Original Art!

Home is where the ART is.... Chartreuse is where you find it!
Home is where the ART is…. Chartreuse is where you find it!

Designer Home

We have you covered.... from floor to ceiling!
We have you covered…. from floor to ceiling!

Coastal Living

Locally Hand Made Beach House Art!
Locally Hand Made Beach House Art!


We are so excited to be moving to a larger, more sophisticated space!

This new space lends itself to the dream I’ve had for many years. It’s beautifully designed with an amazing location and is most definitely the perfect building at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach for a design center.

Chartreuse is known for having an eclectic blend of antiques, coastal style furniture, local art and original lighting. I want to do more though! As an artist and furniture designer I’ve found my “dream team” in a great builder, an awesome welder, a talented upholsterer and several experienced finishers. However, I want to add more local talent and expand our brand, along with a few other key services.

It is our mission to find established interior designers who are eager to expand their business into the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. We have the space to offer the unique ability to give a business their own offices, while under one roof with Chartreuse and it’s vast new showroom. This opportunity includes:

Great location with private parking.
Beautiful landscaping and entrance.
Reception area. Windows.
1 to 2 large offices with a separate storage or retail space.
The option to blend and share larger retail space.
Power, phone, internet and utilities included.
Individual signage for your business.

This location offers the ability to also enjoy more amazing events that we love to do! Having our holiday event and our trunk shows along with new events planned, we have the chance to build our brand, along with yours….. Creating the perfect environment to grow and prosper.

Please respond to this ad by email to
All inquiries will be kept private and secure.


Be Adventurous in Your Travels!

Check out the other photos from April's trip on fb!

Don’t be afraid of scavenging through what appears to be “junk”!  I found an amazing Civil War surgical case in this pile!  It’s beautifully detailed and a rare find. I’m always intrigued by what I discover in the most unexpected places.  Remember… it’s the “thrill of the hunt”!  Enjoy and don’t be scared of a little dirt!

You can see a few more photos in the “April Trip” album on our facebook page!


This is the "Before" shot of the chairs.....

And Ta-Da!

These chairs had such potential and Beth Turner Herochik of Winter Bird Interiors in Richmond, who bought these chairs from Chartreuse, saw and conquered!  So the next time you see us post some chairs that seem a little crazy…. just remember the possibilities are endless!  We now offer in house upholstery!


Check out our facebook page and see all the great finds from this weeks hunt!

Mix it up!

Photos of "in house" items in the mags!

We often have clients come in and see a piece they like…. but they’re not sure how or where to use it in their home.  The staff at Chartreuse is very helpful when it comes to these questions and I do a lot of consults in and out of the shoppe.  However, there are times when a client doesn’t speak up and ask the questions out loud.  So………  I’ve spent many hours going thru my mags, Pinterest, books, etc. and found tons of photos using the items we have “in house” here at Chartreuse.

Most everything we have in the shoppe is one-of-a-kind, so the photos are examples of similar pieces.  We also want our clients to use this board as inspiration for a custom piece they may want us to build.  And, don’t forget… you may have a piece at home that is similar……… and you’re tired of it….. so the board may give you an idea of how to make your old piece NEW!



No matter how you spell it....

Spring is in the air…..  The whites and grays of Winter are stepping aside for FRESH and VIBRANT COLORS!  They are back!

As most of you, I’m inspired by the weather, my mood, trends, other artists, etc.  But most of us get our inspiration from popular magazines.  It’s all about what’s in NOW!  Fortunately, I’m in total agreement with most of the designers out there and the contemporary vibe of color and it’s big comeback!  I love color!  I’m known for color and as much as I love white on white on white………  I LOVE COLOR!

Clients come in weekly with their mags and wish lists and new ideas they’ve seen.  I love it!  I spend a small fortune myself on mags and couldn’t live without them.  I need visual stimulation at all times!  Seriously!

I have a pretty creative mind and I’ve been blessed with vision.  I design, I build, I create.  I see things in my dreams and I literally wake up and sketch.  But for most people they have a hard time with this.  They know what they like when they see it, but have a hard time organizing there thoughts and making a room complete from scratch.  That’s where designers, magazines, books and shopping comes in!

So……. Don’t be afraid of COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!  There are many ways to bring it into your existing rooms…..  NOW….. without a lifetime commitment! You can make a start with art, pillows and small occasional pieces like tables or a chair.  JUST DO IT! AND LET US HELP!

Stay connected and see the new items brought back from this weeks trip and other local artists…..  Photos should be posted on our facebook page soon!

Thanks and keep the feedback coming in!  We love hearing from you…… it’s what we do!  Cindy

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