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God Save The Queen B’s!

The result of an insult... became the inspiration for success and ownership!
The result of an insult… became the inspiration for success and ownership!

As an artist and a designer I’m always finding new ways to express myself.  This year I’ve had some time to play around and make some really cool jewelry and have even sold a few pieces!

A few years ago…. like 13… there was some rap song that said “B”… referring to bitch.  It quickly grew into our universal name for all co-workers!  Hey, B!  To this day… there’s a whole group of us who still call each other “B”!  It’s turned into a sweet term of endearment though.  No longer reserved for bitches… but rather a loved one; a reference to one of our tribe or crew members!

I’ve carried the nickname, B, Plan B, Queen B and even Sting… back in the day when my hair was cut like the wrestler… and I was young and free and dancing around like a BEE!

Most recently, I had my ex decide to be mean and nasty to me again!!!  In a text I was called the “C” word, the “B” word and “Sting”…  I politely signed my response with a cute little honey bee… he replied… “yes, you are the QUEEN BEE”!!!!  LOL!!!

So without giving you all the details… and because my posible “tell all” book and “polygraph party” are each titled…. QUEEN B!!!  Here’s the tidbit I promised you behind the name of my new jewelry line!

I don’t have time to deal with mean ex’s on the level in which they deserve (I only have one…. the rest are cool)…. AND NEITHER DO YOU!!!!  So instead, take the talent that God gave you… turn the negative into a positive!  You can’t get back the time or money they stole… But you can grow… and make more money off an idea that was created by the positive spin you took… by their negative actions!!!!

HERE’S TO THE “QUEEN B’S” OF THE WORLD!!!!!  GO GET YOURS!  And if you know a Queen B who could use some support or encouragement…. share this story and hopefully it will “sting” just enough to motivate them to do the same thing!

PEACE, LOVE and HONEY (money) … LOL

I’ve been framed!

Check out these frames and more on our facebook page!
Check out these frames and more on our facebook page!


Chartreuse is now carrying the entire line!
Chartreuse is now carrying the entire line!  See our facebook page for more lux scents.

NEST Fragrances is a core collection of scents created to fill one’s home with the essence of luxury, sophistication and beauty. The collection combines color, texture and fragrance to enhance the everyday living and entertaining experience. Since the greatest satisfaction comes from combining great scent and style, the NEST Fragrances Collection was created to produce a memorable and enveloping ambiance.

Original Gifting

Keep up with new items daily on our facebook page!

2012 East Beach Home Show

Check out the photos or our pieces and the amazing work of talented local Interior Designer, Stephanie Batten!

Navy & White

Ralph L….. The Hamptons….. Beach House

Clearly another obsession of the classic navy and white look.  It’s timeless, crisp and fresh.  Check out the new chalk boards and other accessories on our facebook page!


The long hunt paid off!

I have truly been searching for these original French storage jars for months.  I am so happy to say I have 5!  Some of the lids have be reproduced, but the jars are authentic and stunning!  I have 2 of them at the Wilmington shoppe and 3 in VB!

I’ve been on the road for weeks now with only a few days home in between.  I’ve found some unique and beautiful pieces I can’t wait to share.  So keep in touch and check out our facebook page for more photos…. I add them throughout the week.


First Look… Second Location!

Here’s a sneak peak of Chartreuse…. Wilmington!

It’s almost midnight….. very long few days…. months!  This is the eve of Chartreuse’s opening in Wilmington, NC!  Appropriately…. It’s also my Mother’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mama!  I love you!

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