Chartreuse is now carrying the entire line!
Chartreuse is now carrying the entire line!  See our facebook page for more lux scents.

NEST Fragrances is a core collection of scents created to fill one’s home with the essence of luxury, sophistication and beauty. The collection combines color, texture and fragrance to enhance the everyday living and entertaining experience. Since the greatest satisfaction comes from combining great scent and style, the NEST Fragrances Collection was created to produce a memorable and enveloping ambiance.


CHARTREUSE has been officially open since July of 2011.  I, however, have been doing “this” forever!  The changes that have taken place over these past few months have all been positive and fulfilling.  I thank God throughout the day…. each and every day!

I’ve been blessed with vision, creativity and many other artistic abilities.  I used to be afraid or embarrassed to say that.  It could easily be taken as arrogant or I could be judged by others.  And then it occurred to me……. “who cares”! There’s always going to be a  few competitors that think they’re better and or they can do it better or try to do what I do better (isn’t copying a form of flattery?)…….   Which by the way, I’m not flattered!  It’s quite annoying to say the least!  (get your own gig)

I am always inspired by other vendors, artist and other creative people…….. BUT I know in my heart that I create from my heart! So with that said………. and knowing what I’m about to announce will be met with the possibility of competitive BS…… here it goes!

It’s time to take the next step!  My staff, my team and I are growing.  We now have the ability to do a lot of the things I’ve dreamed about for CHARTREUSE.  We’ve been so fortunate to have such a great community response.  We’ve been able to not only sell some pretty cool pieces, but I’ve been commissioned to do a ton of custom work…. along with the artists I represent.  However….. there’s been a missing link…… until now! (actually there are a few missing links that I’m working on…… day at a time……)

(drum roll)………………… WE NOW HAVE AN “IN HOUSE” UPHOLSTERER!!!!!!!  FINALLY!  I’ve been searching for months and my dreams for CHARTREUSE are slowly coming true!

I dream about everything in the name of design.  My obsessions keep me awake at night and make me hit the floor running in the morning.  I have been designing upholstered pieces……… along with everything else….. for what seems a lifetime.  I have so many unique ideas…. ( but I’m not an upholsterer)…… and mixed with the ideas of this “person” and her talents…. WE ARE GONNA BRING IT!  She’s not good though……….. she’s awesome!  This goes directly back to my earlier article where I talk about surrounding yourself with other people who can help get it done.  You can’t do it all………… even though you think or dream you can!

We will not only be able to custom create and personalize your pieces that need re-upholstering………. but we are currently working on some killer pieces that you will not find anywhere else!  (so exciting)

Stay in touch, because this is only the beginning of many more exciting services to be available exclusively at CHARTREUSE!




No matter how you spell it....

Spring is in the air…..  The whites and grays of Winter are stepping aside for FRESH and VIBRANT COLORS!  They are back!

As most of you, I’m inspired by the weather, my mood, trends, other artists, etc.  But most of us get our inspiration from popular magazines.  It’s all about what’s in NOW!  Fortunately, I’m in total agreement with most of the designers out there and the contemporary vibe of color and it’s big comeback!  I love color!  I’m known for color and as much as I love white on white on white………  I LOVE COLOR!

Clients come in weekly with their mags and wish lists and new ideas they’ve seen.  I love it!  I spend a small fortune myself on mags and couldn’t live without them.  I need visual stimulation at all times!  Seriously!

I have a pretty creative mind and I’ve been blessed with vision.  I design, I build, I create.  I see things in my dreams and I literally wake up and sketch.  But for most people they have a hard time with this.  They know what they like when they see it, but have a hard time organizing there thoughts and making a room complete from scratch.  That’s where designers, magazines, books and shopping comes in!

So……. Don’t be afraid of COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!  There are many ways to bring it into your existing rooms…..  NOW….. without a lifetime commitment! You can make a start with art, pillows and small occasional pieces like tables or a chair.  JUST DO IT! AND LET US HELP!

Stay connected and see the new items brought back from this weeks trip and other local artists…..  Photos should be posted on our facebook page soon!

Thanks and keep the feedback coming in!  We love hearing from you…… it’s what we do!  Cindy


All next week Chartreuse will be having a HUGE SALE!  Furniture, chandeliers and home decor will be marked down considerably!  It’s been a great December and I want to finish it off by clearing out!

Chartreuse will be closed most of January as I am hitting the road to shop and do a little picking with my mother.  So stop by next week and take advantage of my need for constant change!  We’ve sold hundreds of pieces over the first 6 months of business and there are still amazing finds; some of which have only been in-house for a few weeks.

Also, I am finally at a point where I can start taking custom orders again.  I have openings for furniture painting beginning around the 10th of February.  My slots fill up fast and I have a waiting list…. so get on the schedule if you have a tired piece of furniture that needs new life!

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah!

Huge After Christmas Sale!

Beach Chic Primitives

So many new primitives.... plus GIFTS!

We’re getting new gift items in daily from the artists for the holidays!


Empire Dresser..... Sideboard..... Blanket Chest

Yet another view into the “White Room” at Chartreuse!

New Artist!

New Artist at Chartreuse, Patrick Howard


We all know the old saying about oysters!  But, I think if you really want to get “turned on” ……. this hand made Oyster Chandelier will do the trick every time!  Safe for those who have seafood allergies like me!  No need to eat those nasty little critters …… decorate with them!

These chandeliers come in many different styles by a local artist, Shannon, who is amazing!  She welds the frames herself.  Custom sizes and shapes to order.  This particular one has a rice paper insert…… but….. she also has them available with small chandeliers inside…… or you could use an Edison Bulb!

Love….. Love….. Love…..




Large Corner Cabinet

Large Antique Corner Cabinet

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