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I love this piece!  This is what happens when I have “alone” time in my studio!

I’m now taking orders for these displays…. each hand made with reclaimed wood….. one of a kind!  Perfect for your home or in your shoppe!  $125 each

Display Yourself!


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Organic Display for Jewelry in CHARTREUSE!

I’ve been dying to create this display….. along with others….   One down and many to go.

I grew up in the mountains and fortunately had parents who loved to take us away through the summer.  I felt I had the best of both worlds…..  a great life exploring the hills of West Virginia….  mixed with trips to the Smithsonian, antique shoppes, etc.  Clearly all these experiences have had an impact on my personal taste…. and this display case is a perfect example of that!

Can’t wait to fill it with our new lines of jewelry!  Remember to catch us on facebook and keep up with daily updates on new pieces in house!


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I am asking you to go to this link…… read the story……  get angry……..  sign the petition.  PLEASE!


Kelly is a personal friend of mine.  She’s a loving and caring person who would do anything for anyone.  She’s an example of how we should treat people with or without a disability.  However, this battle she’s fighting on behalf of Jenny, who our government does not protect, is a battle she can’t fight alone.

Please join in by signing this petition and show your support for a disabled American. It sickens me to think this could go on in the country that I love.  I am personally involved with a case right now that involves a rapist who has been given more rights than Jenny.  It’s time to take a stand and quit talking about the bs…. and do something about it.

Thank you!

Another Chapter….


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I was just reading my old blogs from my Beach Chick Art page….. I then looked at my first blog, dated June 2011, “About Chartreuse”….. this was before the doors opened and I was itching to make my way…

My vision has pretty much stayed the same…. although I have not been able to get all my goals and dreams off the ground…. yet!  (Of course I’m never going to stop dreaming….. so go figure) Which brings me to CHARTREUSE’S next chapter……  CLOTHING and JEWELRY!

Not just any clothing and jewelry…..  as I wrote in my very first blog….. LOCAL DESIGNERS!  I am now working on a boutique style area inside CHARTREUSE where I will be selling and showcasing clothing and jewelry designs from the UP AND COMING!

SO STAY TUNED…….. and keep an eye out for my CASTING CALL….

I NEED TO CREATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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God gave me these hands to create…… with all the time I’ve spent on the road and with all the craziness I allow myself to get caught up in….. I finally discovered the blessing that I knew would come from my broken foot this summer……

I’ve continued to work as if I didn’t have this stupid injury.  After a few weeks of pain and irritation, I finally gave in and decided that I had no choice…. I was now going to spend my evenings with my feet up (not the days that my physician recommended) and I was going to find myself again!

Every huge serving of business that is piled high on my full plate is courteous of yours truly! LOL  I did it to myself.  I’m OCD, yet unorganized; ahead, yet behind; tired, yet restless!  And then it occurred to me………  I haven’t spent much time in the studio on anything other than custom orders for months!

Creating is my first love!  It’s what makes me happy and it’s what I dream about.  However, I’ve had the worst artists’ block in my history………. Why?  Cause I’m too freakin busy!  So…..  after all the conversations with The Man and all the pondering I’ve done on my hiney, on my couch, with my dog (most evenings) ….. I decided that I am going to take time everyday in my studio to do something…. anything…..

I did it!  I made a set of 5 photo / note frames out of old barn wood and some vintage office stuff!  Not Noah’s Arc…..  but it’s something!  Maybe one day when I can hire enough elves to do the grunt work….. I can create all day!  Peace and Love!



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Check out our facebook page for details on our HUGE SALE!

I’m back in town and the felt the need to reorganize.  As I was cleaning out my studio, I came across a ton of things that I had forgotten about.  I also realized I miss being in my studio.  With the schedule I’ve had this summer, it’s been little to no time inventing, building or reclaiming!  And in order for that to happen…. I need to move some stuff out!

We have so many pieces marked way down in both the shoppe and the studio.  So come by and check it out.




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The long hunt paid off!

I have truly been searching for these original French storage jars for months.  I am so happy to say I have 5!  Some of the lids have be reproduced, but the jars are authentic and stunning!  I have 2 of them at the Wilmington shoppe and 3 in VB!

I’ve been on the road for weeks now with only a few days home in between.  I’ve found some unique and beautiful pieces I can’t wait to share.  So keep in touch and check out our facebook page for more photos…. I add them throughout the week.


First Look… Second Location!


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Here’s a sneak peak of Chartreuse…. Wilmington!

It’s almost midnight….. very long few days…. months!  This is the eve of Chartreuse’s opening in Wilmington, NC!  Appropriately…. It’s also my Mother’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mama!  I love you!



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This is how I bought it…

This is the finished product!


I was so excited when I saw this table.  I was also shocked at the state it was in.  A child had colored all over it with black crayon and it had been in a garage where it was used as a workbench to hold oil and gas cans!  Can you imagine?





I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!  It’s been one year this Monday, July 2, since CHARTREUSE opened the doors! (also my Daddy’s birthday)

So much has happened over the past year.  Seven years ago I started this  business in Virginia Beach on my front porch…. painting random pieces and selling them in my driveway.  I then moved onto custom work in clients’ homes and started painting furniture and display pieces for boutiques and other businesses.

God placed this dream in my heart and gave me the talent to achieve it (even when my ex was lecturing me to get a “real job” hahahahaha)  It’s amazing how HE can use our enemies to promote us…… taking their bad energy and turning it into positive determination!  I’m now working on our second location in Wilmington, NC,  which will open shortly… who’s laughing now?

To celebrate we are having the BIGGEST SALE EVER!  So check out our Facebook page and look for the album titled ANNIVERSARY SALE!



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