Let there be LIGHT!

Chandeliers, pendants and lamps- OH MY! We must admit, we have a very serious love affair with these little gems- and like to think of them as your home’s jewelry! We have a variety of antique, artsy, shabby chic and traditional… but they mostly are just dripping with charm! They go quick, so make sure to let us know what you are looking for!

French Industrial Chandelier

Photo does not do justice….

This chandelier was once a typical… shiny….. brass piece that’s been seen in every hotel, house and restaurant across the Country!  Yes…. it’s true.

Many up-cyclers have been spray painting these for years….. re-inventing there look and of course…. improving it.  I myself have used every possible spray paint color on them!

But this….. this is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s my new obsession this week!  I feel like I’ve finally mastered this galvanized look!  Yaaa me!  And mixed with the French crystals…….. it’s a perfect fit for that French Industrial look.

I promise to take a better photo once this one is installed.  The room it’s going in is flooded with natural light and I’m sure will make a much prettier setting.  Then you should be able to see the different layers and textures.

Simply Stunning

Another beautiful masterpiece......


Vintage Tole Chandelier with Tulips

Wave of Light

This is a chandelier even a "man" would love!

Deck the Halls!

Deck the Halls!

These oyster shell candle holders are each hand made and one of a kind!  They’re  the perfect gift for those on your list who live near the beach…. or the ones who wish they were!  Either way….. you can’t go wrong!

The list of gifts for our Holiday Boutique on Thursday, December 15th is growing daily…. as well as our “in house” gifts from local artists.  If you’re into recycling and being green…. give an antique jewelry box…. a piece of art made from reclaimed wood…. a gift certificate to CHARTREUSE, etc.

As French As It Gets!

Seriously French Chandelier.... all original!

I almost passed out when I saw this chandelier.  I know it’s not for everyone….but… for those of you who appreciate this lost style of craftsmanship…. hand made pieces that are in original condition and one of a kind like this…are RARE!

It’s amazing…. it’s tacky….. it’s perfect!  And most importantly…. it works!  It’s made by hand…. gilded metal…. gold leafing….. two cherubs and tons of perfectly crafted roses that are faintly colored in pinks, blues and white.  AND it has the original ceiling medallion!


Better photo of French Chandelier Sconces

I had to do a retake of this sconce.  I had taken a photo of the set and it was pretty bad!  So here is a better take on just how amazingly beautiful they are.  I’m also posting a couple of other photos on my facebook page of some new items just in this week.  One new piece is a Czech Republic high dresser / sideboard.  It’s made from reclaimed wood and was over $2000.  It’s at CHARTREUSE for $935 right now!


See close up of these sconces on our facebook page!

These are 2 of my favorite new pieces in this week.  They are two amazing antique, French, gold leaf, Czech crystal chandelier sconces!  I have a beautiful French table, French mirrored table, toile bench and so much more.  Check out facebook for more photos.


We all know the old saying about oysters!  But, I think if you really want to get “turned on” ……. this hand made Oyster Chandelier will do the trick every time!  Safe for those who have seafood allergies like me!  No need to eat those nasty little critters …… decorate with them!

These chandeliers come in many different styles by a local artist, Shannon, who is amazing!  She welds the frames herself.  Custom sizes and shapes to order.  This particular one has a rice paper insert…… but….. she also has them available with small chandeliers inside…… or you could use an Edison Bulb!

Love….. Love….. Love…..




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