I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!  It’s been one year this Monday, July 2, since CHARTREUSE opened the doors! (also my Daddy’s birthday)

So much has happened over the past year.  Seven years ago I started this  business in Virginia Beach on my front porch…. painting random pieces and selling them in my driveway.  I then moved onto custom work in clients’ homes and started painting furniture and display pieces for boutiques and other businesses.

God placed this dream in my heart and gave me the talent to achieve it (even when my ex was lecturing me to get a “real job” hahahahaha)  It’s amazing how HE can use our enemies to promote us…… taking their bad energy and turning it into positive determination!  I’m now working on our second location in Wilmington, NC,  which will open shortly… who’s laughing now?

To celebrate we are having the BIGGEST SALE EVER!  So check out our Facebook page and look for the album titled ANNIVERSARY SALE!


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