I dream it and then I get to build it!

I love to collect old architectural pieces …… I dream about them…..seriously!  Every time I pick up or find a new object, I lie awake thinking of what possibilities they possess.

I obsess about building and creating and re-inventing…… I get inspired….. I sketch… and then…… TA DA!  I get this great idea…… I go to my studio and…. I see all the orders that need to be filled….. the custom work that needs to be done…. blah, blah, blah!  Then I get frustrated…… and obsess even more… because I’m too busy to get the new idea out of my head and into my hands!

Mind you…. I do not mean to sound like I’m complaining….. I’m not!  I appreciate and live for the business that people bring me.  BUT, sometimes I gotta set it all aside a just DO IT!  So this week I did and here it is!

An antique, Victorian screen door and hooks from an old Ghent house…. some old boards from a barn in Pungo….. 2 old bed posts turned up-side-down…. along with some other parts I just had laying around….. topped off with a hand cut (by me) piece of wood! Oh, it’s a chalkboard too…. a hall tree….. a cute desk….. an entry piece….. whatever!

So here’s an example of one of the many things I dream about and you can buy it today at CHARTREUSE!


Our business was built on the love and appreciation for all things created beautifully. The romantic wanderlust; that need to discover a new artist... uncover one more find that you dream about. It drives us. It gratifies us. We want to share it. We have to share it. It's too good to keep to ourselves.


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