Beautiful Antique Grates Used as Stools / Shelves

Igor, Chartreuse’s newest artist, has taken creativity to a new level using these iron grates as functional art!  This is just a sample of what you’ll be seeing from this talented man in the shoppe.

Don’t forget we’re having a HUGE NEPTUNE FESTIVAL SALE today and tomorrow from 10 to 6!  See ya there!  Cindy


Our business was built on the love and appreciation for all things created beautifully. The romantic wanderlust; that need to discover a new artist... uncover one more find that you dream about. It drives us. It gratifies us. We want to share it. We have to share it. It's too good to keep to ourselves.


  1. those are INSANELY awesome. i’m obsessed with that distressed style. i was recently looking at a woman’s blog who would find these types of things, strip them of their wonderful patina, and paint over them. it horrified me!

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