Beach Chick Art


Our business was built on the love and appreciation for all things created beautifully. The romantic wanderlust; that need to discover a new artist... uncover one more find that you dream about. It drives us. It gratifies us. We want to share it. We have to share it. It's too good to keep to ourselves.


  1. My kids say that if something doesn’t move, I put beadboard over it. I love, love, love it. Have it in every feasible location. Now these same kids, who loved to make fun of their poor old mother, have picked up the bb bug. They, too, are putting it in their kitchens, bathrooms, sunrooms, etc.
    Isn’t it great how things that go around, come around and your children have the same taste as you? It makes sense of things and makes me happy to think that years from now, their children might also decide that they like beadboard, too. It reminds them of home.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I truly love beadboard! The items that are posted currently were made with bb that I reclaimed from a barn out in the country. I love the look but I really love wondering about it’s past.

      It’s funny how we pass things on to our kids that more than likely…..we picked up from our parents! Keep covering your house with bb and thank you so much for sharing. Cindy

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